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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Xena and FinalXagon in the Bowl

Hey Guys!

Ever wondered what you can do in a Skate-bowl without a skateboard? Well, Xena and I (FinalXagon) trained with passing and shooting with use of the territory. I used my regular shots to pass to Xena and he had some other idea's as well: in the bowl we could train shooting towards a specific point, like on the round wall some where. But not directly towards it, but a shot which rolls up the wall, OVER the point... We called this the ''Roll-Shot'' game.

Xena was not really good at Roll-Shot, but we still can use it on the field: a Rolling Shot is a shot which is not too HARD, but neither it's a weak and slow ball; Precisely between hard and slow. We can totaly aim now with this Roll-Shot. Since Xena can aim now better with this shot than me, he deserves to call this HIS special shot, since he came up with the game ''Roll-Shot'' and since he practiced so very hard to make the shot more perfect. So in fewer words: Xena has a brand new Special Shot: the ''X-Roll shot''!

Xigoun didn't come, 'cause he wants to hang out with his other friends as well... That is actually not true: He nearly hangs out with us lately anyway! It's not THAT bad, but I would appriciate it if he would train with us and we never actually had a match against an other team since we became X-Boyz... But we'll train 'till we ARE havin' a match against other teams around our place. Like maybe ''The ThunderShocks'' or even the famous ''Team Zero''... As I typed, we just have to wait for the right weather and the other teams to pop up!

See ya l8er GUYS!

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