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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Match between X-boys 1

The first match since we are X-boyz was the day-before-yesterday. We did a game we called ''Goal-Goal''. Ya play it with TWO players. Every player stands on HIS side of the field and stays there at ALL TIMES. You need to be the first to make 3 goals in order to win. We all played against EACH OTHER!

When I (FinalXagon) was battling Xena, I was at the winning handwith my special ''High X-Shot''. Still, he came allmost back with HIS special ''X-Blast'' (or something like it...) . Xena won with 3 against 2. I would've won, if he didn't grab the ball from my side (he still was able to reach it, even though HE was on his own side and the ball on MINE), I would've won! He used it so he shot, while I was trying to get the ball BEFORE it was on his side. He allready kicked before the ball crossed the line and before I was back at the goal! Well... I didn't feel like havin' a fight today, so I let him have the goal and so the match as well...

The second match was Xena versus Xigoun. The first shot of Xigoun was allready a hit! 1-0 in the first shot. He made a great come back, after some useless shots, with with his ''special'' shot, Xena made it to 1-1. Xigoun didn't feel like losing, so he (kinda) distracted Xena somehow, and made the goal with a REGULAR shot. 2-1 right? Think again! Xena had to leave! It became a TIE (officially). Actually Xigoun won, but Xena didn't have the time to discuss.

After the absence of Xena, I (FinalXagon) battled Xigoun, what I enjoyed more than the battle with Xena. Xigoun made 2 goals in a row! I practically lost allready at that point... I suddenly jumped in with my FIRST goal! After it we blocked and missed a lot of shots, including my Famous ''High X-Shot'' and Xigoun's ''X-Wing''. With his ''X-Wing''-move, he eventually made the third goal, and won!

These stories are our first ones, and our special shots are clear:

FinalXagon's ''High X-Shot'',
Xigoun's ''X-Wing'' and
Xena's ''X-Blast''.

See ya, and leave idea's for a type of match, or a trick or anything... See ya (again...)!

(written by: FinalXagon)

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