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What do you think about our new name?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Xena's name CHANGE!

Xena is not happy about his name, so he changes it...

Where are my manners? Hey dudes AND lady-dudes, and welcome by message No. 6! Once again, it's about my (naggin') brother which doesn't like the name ''Xena'' any more...

The new name is... Drum sounds and everything... Xidon. It's not frightening... It's... Funny... Yeah...

Well comment or somethin'...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FinalXagon's New Move!

Hey guys! I just learned a new move which I call: ''X-Hammer''. It's just a REALLY hard shot, but a bit differrent: I make the same move with my arm so there's a moving weight to pump up the power! It still isn't a accurate move just a move that nobody likes to stop! I've got now Two Special Moves:

- High X-Shot
- X-Hammer

Just tell your soccer buddies about this and send in a reaction or something... See YA!!