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Friday, August 5, 2011

Xena's name CHANGE!

Xena is not happy about his name, so he changes it...

Where are my manners? Hey dudes AND lady-dudes, and welcome by message No. 6! Once again, it's about my (naggin') brother which doesn't like the name ''Xena'' any more...

The new name is... Drum sounds and everything... Xidon. It's not frightening... It's... Funny... Yeah...

Well comment or somethin'...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FinalXagon's New Move!

Hey guys! I just learned a new move which I call: ''X-Hammer''. It's just a REALLY hard shot, but a bit differrent: I make the same move with my arm so there's a moving weight to pump up the power! It still isn't a accurate move just a move that nobody likes to stop! I've got now Two Special Moves:

- High X-Shot
- X-Hammer

Just tell your soccer buddies about this and send in a reaction or something... See YA!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Soccer on the CAMPSITE!

Hey guys and lady-guys.

Another day, another match... Well, as you may know, we changed our name from The X-Boyz into The Nexus. Xena came up with the name, even though I don't know why... This is mostly because there are MORE teams with that name. So let's get on with new gfames and video's.

The game I play the most: AQ Worlds. It's an RPG with a LOT of possibilities. From attacking half-dragons to saving dwarves from a weird race of blue elfish creatures. It's fun! I can't think of another game with so much options as that game: You can have more than different classes like warriors, mages and rogue's, but also like paladins and enforcers. I'm called UltimaXagon on that game (like most online-games I play).

The video of the week (sort of): Kicked in the nuts. It's genius! A guy which kicks everybody in the nuts! Even a small kid. AWESOME! Also give your opinion about it... OKAY, now the match I played today, huh?

The match: Easy... I played without Xena OR Xigoun, just with a 6 year old who wanted to win real bad... We played '' 'Till Ten'', which means that who ever gets 10 points first, wins. I played with a six-year old, against a older dude. First the older dude scored three times. Like this: one, two, three. As fast as he could... I was feeling sorry for that little guy, so I asked if I could help him pown that dude, and we eventually won! It was one goal after another! We scored twice, and he scored, and we scored, and he scored, and we scored twice, and so on... We won with 10-9! Well, I didn't try too hard...

That was all!
See ya!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Xena and FinalXagon in the Bowl

Hey Guys!

Ever wondered what you can do in a Skate-bowl without a skateboard? Well, Xena and I (FinalXagon) trained with passing and shooting with use of the territory. I used my regular shots to pass to Xena and he had some other idea's as well: in the bowl we could train shooting towards a specific point, like on the round wall some where. But not directly towards it, but a shot which rolls up the wall, OVER the point... We called this the ''Roll-Shot'' game.

Xena was not really good at Roll-Shot, but we still can use it on the field: a Rolling Shot is a shot which is not too HARD, but neither it's a weak and slow ball; Precisely between hard and slow. We can totaly aim now with this Roll-Shot. Since Xena can aim now better with this shot than me, he deserves to call this HIS special shot, since he came up with the game ''Roll-Shot'' and since he practiced so very hard to make the shot more perfect. So in fewer words: Xena has a brand new Special Shot: the ''X-Roll shot''!

Xigoun didn't come, 'cause he wants to hang out with his other friends as well... That is actually not true: He nearly hangs out with us lately anyway! It's not THAT bad, but I would appriciate it if he would train with us and we never actually had a match against an other team since we became X-Boyz... But we'll train 'till we ARE havin' a match against other teams around our place. Like maybe ''The ThunderShocks'' or even the famous ''Team Zero''... As I typed, we just have to wait for the right weather and the other teams to pop up!

See ya l8er GUYS!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Match between X-boys 1

The first match since we are X-boyz was the day-before-yesterday. We did a game we called ''Goal-Goal''. Ya play it with TWO players. Every player stands on HIS side of the field and stays there at ALL TIMES. You need to be the first to make 3 goals in order to win. We all played against EACH OTHER!

When I (FinalXagon) was battling Xena, I was at the winning handwith my special ''High X-Shot''. Still, he came allmost back with HIS special ''X-Blast'' (or something like it...) . Xena won with 3 against 2. I would've won, if he didn't grab the ball from my side (he still was able to reach it, even though HE was on his own side and the ball on MINE), I would've won! He used it so he shot, while I was trying to get the ball BEFORE it was on his side. He allready kicked before the ball crossed the line and before I was back at the goal! Well... I didn't feel like havin' a fight today, so I let him have the goal and so the match as well...

The second match was Xena versus Xigoun. The first shot of Xigoun was allready a hit! 1-0 in the first shot. He made a great come back, after some useless shots, with with his ''special'' shot, Xena made it to 1-1. Xigoun didn't feel like losing, so he (kinda) distracted Xena somehow, and made the goal with a REGULAR shot. 2-1 right? Think again! Xena had to leave! It became a TIE (officially). Actually Xigoun won, but Xena didn't have the time to discuss.

After the absence of Xena, I (FinalXagon) battled Xigoun, what I enjoyed more than the battle with Xena. Xigoun made 2 goals in a row! I practically lost allready at that point... I suddenly jumped in with my FIRST goal! After it we blocked and missed a lot of shots, including my Famous ''High X-Shot'' and Xigoun's ''X-Wing''. With his ''X-Wing''-move, he eventually made the third goal, and won!

These stories are our first ones, and our special shots are clear:

FinalXagon's ''High X-Shot'',
Xigoun's ''X-Wing'' and
Xena's ''X-Blast''.

See ya, and leave idea's for a type of match, or a trick or anything... See ya (again...)!

(written by: FinalXagon)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hey guys! This is a blog for the AWESOME-est games and awesome songs and video's all! Oh, and also our personal lifes a bit... I'm FinalXagon, and i'm doing the typing. The video's are done mostly by Xena! Xigoun helps with fresh idea's for this blog! Help us please by tipping games to us for example!


I'm mostly busy with this AWESOME game: Pokémon Tower Defense. It's a Pokémon game especially made for the PC. Of course it's kinda AWESOME, because it's made by Sam&Dan. It's found with this link:
Pokémon Tower Defense (on

I played just a week BEFORE Pokémon TD a game called DragonFable. DragonFable is a RPG (Role Playing Game), and it's WAY better game than you first think or might think. You're a Mage, Warrior or a Rogue. I prefer Mage, but I'd rather be all three. Most think it's UNcool, while some of your opponents are UNdead! Just play it, and I garantee at least 80% will like it, OR lie about it that they hate it. Here's the link: DragonFable (Homepage).

There, a few games everyone COULD like. Once again typ tips for us, so we can improve this blog for ya!

So far our FIRST MESSAGE TO YA! See ya!

(written by: FinalXagon)