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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Soccer on the CAMPSITE!

Hey guys and lady-guys.

Another day, another match... Well, as you may know, we changed our name from The X-Boyz into The Nexus. Xena came up with the name, even though I don't know why... This is mostly because there are MORE teams with that name. So let's get on with new gfames and video's.

The game I play the most: AQ Worlds. It's an RPG with a LOT of possibilities. From attacking half-dragons to saving dwarves from a weird race of blue elfish creatures. It's fun! I can't think of another game with so much options as that game: You can have more than different classes like warriors, mages and rogue's, but also like paladins and enforcers. I'm called UltimaXagon on that game (like most online-games I play).

The video of the week (sort of): Kicked in the nuts. It's genius! A guy which kicks everybody in the nuts! Even a small kid. AWESOME! Also give your opinion about it... OKAY, now the match I played today, huh?

The match: Easy... I played without Xena OR Xigoun, just with a 6 year old who wanted to win real bad... We played '' 'Till Ten'', which means that who ever gets 10 points first, wins. I played with a six-year old, against a older dude. First the older dude scored three times. Like this: one, two, three. As fast as he could... I was feeling sorry for that little guy, so I asked if I could help him pown that dude, and we eventually won! It was one goal after another! We scored twice, and he scored, and we scored, and he scored, and we scored twice, and so on... We won with 10-9! Well, I didn't try too hard...

That was all!
See ya!

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