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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hey guys! This is a blog for the AWESOME-est games and awesome songs and video's all! Oh, and also our personal lifes a bit... I'm FinalXagon, and i'm doing the typing. The video's are done mostly by Xena! Xigoun helps with fresh idea's for this blog! Help us please by tipping games to us for example!


I'm mostly busy with this AWESOME game: Pokémon Tower Defense. It's a Pokémon game especially made for the PC. Of course it's kinda AWESOME, because it's made by Sam&Dan. It's found with this link:
Pokémon Tower Defense (on

I played just a week BEFORE Pokémon TD a game called DragonFable. DragonFable is a RPG (Role Playing Game), and it's WAY better game than you first think or might think. You're a Mage, Warrior or a Rogue. I prefer Mage, but I'd rather be all three. Most think it's UNcool, while some of your opponents are UNdead! Just play it, and I garantee at least 80% will like it, OR lie about it that they hate it. Here's the link: DragonFable (Homepage).

There, a few games everyone COULD like. Once again typ tips for us, so we can improve this blog for ya!

So far our FIRST MESSAGE TO YA! See ya!

(written by: FinalXagon)

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